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Shadowtale Chapter 1 - Fallen Down
     Frisk's conciousness returned to him as he began to rise from his current position, his head and body aching unlike anything he's ever felt before. Both his forehead and his mouth were both dripping with dark red blood, his right sleeve of his shirt was torn open, as well as the right leg of his lite brown pants. A horrible pounding rung in his head as he scrambled to get an ounce of control on his body.
    As soon as sight returned to him, he began to observe his surroundings. The room he was in was made of cream colored marble bricks, some of them were either broken or shattered, the room was dimmly lit by the torches lining the cave-like walls encaged by marble pillars. Frisk then looked up, seeing that there was not a ceiling but a giant hole, leading down to the bottom of a mountain, and that is when it hit him. "I... I fell down the hole? How did I survive?"; he thought to himself. He felt the ground around him, he had fallen into a bed of crimson p
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I feel like I've got a massive headache, and a cold fever.. Basically, I feel like crap..


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Electric Spark
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Hello everyone on DA, I am teh El3ctric Spark :3

I hope to become really good at drawing on this site and I hope you all like my draws :meow:

This is the Secondary account of :iconmega-man-99:

My Lovely beautiful wife: :iconavengedritsuko:
My beautiful daughters: :iconbrookidaggi: :iconlanarkia:
My awesome son: :iconnoble-six-rulez:
My insanely strong son-in-law: :iconthe-nemian-lion:
The one who looks out for me: :iconblueflareex:
My pet ghost: :iconlightinghost:
My pet fox: :icondarkythebat:
My pet dragon: :icongeneraldragon:
My tentacle pony: :icons-k-y-l-i:
My derp: :iconderpy11:
My sisters: :iconmiss-socorro: :icontltanlum: :iconanimal-krackerz:
My brothers: :iconfirelapisjade: :iconoverthelakepancake: :iconstar-rainbow-pony: :iconiiapex:
My cousin: :iconmanafox101:
My Bestest friends: :iconspaceguy222: :iconsnarkdreamer: :icondragongirl1213: :icongluttonwolf: :iconrainbowrockguitarist:
My insane Kitty: :iconkittygoesinsane:
My random Pegasus friend: :iconshinyrai:
That random budgie I see a lot: :icondeetaileddrawings:
My other unicorn friend: :icondracotony:
My greatest sister EVAH: :iconshadowthehedgehog389:
My little broneh: :iconyourfriendthebrony:
My amazing sis: :iconprincessfireshine:

Star Squirrel Stamp! by Spaceguy222 Be Happy... by Spaceguy222
Character Stamp by Arpie


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To all my friends and all the good people I know:
I just finished animating the trailer for my upcoming series, Blaze the Pegasus! Here's a link to the trailer, I hope you guys enjoy! ^^…
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*wearing my Sith attire, lightsaber on 
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